2019 Issues

  Welcome to KidSafe, a fun and exciting way for children to learn about safety. The aim of this program is to help educate and reinforce safety issues with our children.  
  The publication contains short stories, puzzles, colouring pages and games. All of which carry some sort of safety message. Children are guided through the book giving hints, clues and other help when needed.  
  The books will be distributed through elementary schools, day cares, youth camps, child and social service agencies, First Nation communities, medical clinics, local businesses and to the public through the free magazine racks you see in your grocery or convenience stores.  
  Much of the material in the publication is designed for the elementary school aged child. But there are also lots of articles that will be of interest to parents, educators and child care workers.  
  Since we distribute these books free of charge, we must rely on the support of the business community through advertising in our publication to make our project a success.                  For rates, please click here.  
  We thank you for your interest. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us:  
  Email -  
  Phone - 1.877.443.4453  
  Fax - 1.877.443.4467  
  Mail Address - 12904 54 St Edmonton, AB T5A 0A4